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Yoga for Lovers: A Spiritual Practice

This is a beautiful practice I learned in teacher training. Try this and you'll immediately learn about yourself and your partner.

Grab your love partner and get ready to SOUL GAZE.

(If you’re self-partnered, like me, there’s an option for you below. :)

How to Soul Gaze

  • No music, no talking, but you can light incense or a candle

  • Option to shower/cleanse before to make it a sacred bonding experience

  • Sit down facing your partner

  • Take their hand gently in your hand

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes

  • Gaze directly into their eyes until the timer goes off (or go longer)

It's pretty simple.

But it can be profound.

You may start laughing, come back.

You may want to look away, come back.

You may want to talk to break the silence, come back.

You may blush and act a fool (like I did!), come back.

Our presence is the most precious thing we can give anyone, so I challenge you to do this without shielding, bypassing, or distracting.

You will learn what it’s truly like to sit with your partner, no distractions or screens - just the two of you and pure presence.

At a certain, point you may start to understand your partner in a different way. Their eyes tell a story and there is so much behind the eyes if we only we are present enough to see it.

Discuss your experience with your partner afterward.

For the Self-Partnered

If you are self-partnered it’s the same setup, but you’re looking into a mirror, into your own eyes. Don’t look away. Be there with you, for you. Journal your experience afterward. Namaste, sweet friends - and happy Soul Gazing! Kate

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