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One-to-one yoga, custom-made for your body. Available in-person or virtual.

Let's Practice!


Where I hold Private​s

  • Virtually!

  • Alys Beach

  • Rosemary Beach

  • 30A Proper

  • and more!

Private Yoga Sessions

One-to-one practices are perfect for beginners just starting out or seasoned yogis. This practice is specialized for YOU. 

I specialize in hatha, vinyasa, power, and yin yoga as well as intention setting and eliminating limiting beliefs. 

One-to-one private yoga practices are perfect to:

  • Introduce yourself to yoga, moving meditation, breathwork, and the basics of yoga

  • Create balance of strength and flexibility in both body and mind

  • Deep dive into postures, modifications, and alignment specific to your body's needs

  • Manage stress and anxiety in a healthy, loving way

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs and know wholly you are capable of amazing things


These intimate sessions are fun and custom-made for YOU! I teach all levels (Beginner-friendly) so come exactly as you are.  

     1 Hour = $150

     90 Mins = $200

For 2 people in a private, please contact me!

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